Zodiac Symbols Brushes For Adobe Fresco And Adobe Photoshop Sketch

Welcome to our Zodiac Symbols Paintbrushes for Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop Sketch page. Here you will find all 12 of the zodiac symbols in a digital paintbrush / stamp form. These paintbrushes can only be used with Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop Sketch, and only if you at least have the premium plan for Fresco ( 9.99 mo. ) or Photoshop. If you subscribe to the whole Creative Cloud suite, then you will definitely have access to all of these brushes. I am unsure if you can use these in Illustrator or regular Photoshop because of how they are made. You will NOT be downloading these brushes either, instead you will just visit the link provided with the emailed receipt. The link is to a private folder that I have created on Adobe’s Creative Cloud website, so you will be downloading them from Adobe’s super secure website. It’s exactly the same as downloading the Kyle T. Webster brushes on Adobe’s website. I am selling you access to the files I created. This is Adobe’s way of allowing you to easily upload files to your Creative Cloud library without downloading files to your devices. As far as I know, you can NOT download these as .abr files  because they were made in the mobile version of Adobe Capture, and can ONLY be uploaded through the Cloud, and NOT through the app ( you might know a workaround ). You may visit my FREE folder to see how this process works. This works in both a mobile or desktop / laptop browser. Just visit the page, click “Copy To Your Work“, open Fresco or Sketch, scroll to the new folder ( Fresco ), OR long press any brush ( Sketch ), choose a Brush and create. Some files ( assets ) can be used across many apps. These particular paintbrushes however are meant for Fresco and Sketch, unless you know a workaround ( Not Guaranteed )! Check out the video to see it all in action, and read the FAQ’s at the bottom of the page. You can also always email us

Zodiac Symbols Brushes For Adobe Fresco And Adobe Photoshop Sketch.

The price is $6 for all 12 brushes. Payments are securely processed through Stripe. I will make these available for individual purchase for $1 each upon request, just email us. If we get enough requests for individual purchases, we will create payment buttons for $1 for each, and still leave the bundle for $6.

The brushes are set to 50 pixels. In Fresco the brushes scale up to 1000 pixels, which makes them perfect for stamps. In Photoshop Sketch, they scale up to 500 pixels, and you can definitely get a good stamp effect. As you can also see from the video, you can change the color of the brushes.

Adobes Official Website Concerning File Sharing On The Creative Cloud.
Visit The Link In The Email Receipt, Click “Copy To Your Work”, Open Adobe Fresco Or Photoshop Sketch, Choose Your Brush According To The Directions Mentioned Above, Create 🙂
Zodiac Symbols Brushes In Black. Adobe Photoshop Sketch Canvas.
Zodiac Symbols Brushes For Adobe Fresco And Adobe Photoshop Sketch.
Colorized Versions In Adobe Fresco.

Instructions For Use

  • Buy The Brush Set.
  • Check Email, Visit Link On Emailed Receipt.
  • Click “Copy To Your Work” To Add The Brushes To Your Adobe Creative Cloud library.
  • Open Adobe Fresco Or Adobe Photoshop Sketch.
  • On Fresco, Choose “Pixel Brushes” Scroll Down To The “Zodiac Symbols Brushes” Folder And Select Your Brush.
  • On Sketch, “Long Press” On Any Of The Brushes To Bring Up The Brushes Menu, Choose Your Library, Then Choose Your Brush.
  • Create :).
  • If You Have ANY Questions Please Email Us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use these brushes with Adobe Illustrator, or Adobe Photoshop? NO! These brushes can ONLY be used with Adobe Fresco or Adobe Photoshop Sketch, ( free or 9.99 mo. for premium features ) but your creations can later be edited in Illustrator or regular Photoshop, if you have access to them. You can also edit them in any number or photo editing / drawing / painting apps.

Do I need to download any files to my phone or computer? NO! When you click the “Copy To Your Work” button, the files automatically sync to YOUR Adobe Creative Cloud folders through the… cloud. From there, when you open Fresco or Sketch, you will be able to select your new brushes from the “Pixel Brushes” menu on Fresco, and by long pressing on ANY brush in Sketch.

Can I share this link with others who have not purchased it? No! Please follow the rules 🙂 I can use metrics to see who has and who hasn’t paid while using the brushes. I tried to make this an easy purchase with the web tools I have available now. I highly appreciate the integrity.

When will I get the email containing the link to the brushes? Your email will be sent by stripe right away. When your payment is confirmed through them, you will receive the email with the link.

What if the link or brushes do not work? Please email me. If we need to talk further, I can give you my phone number through email, and we can troubleshoot together.

Why do these brushes ONLY work in Adobe Fresco and Adobe Photoshop Sketch? These brushes were created using Adobe Capture, and the output is limited to what Adobe offers. I wanted to make some of the best brushes available to consumers through this unique method. Keep checking back, as I will have more brushes soon.

What happens if I lose the link or I did not receive the email? Just email me, help verify it’s you, and I can send another one out ASAP for free. If this gets abused, there will be no more freebies for you.

Can I get a refund? ABSOLUTELY! If you are not satisfied with this product, we will issue you a full refund, but you will no longer have access to the brushes, as they are in a file location, not downloaded on your device.

Do you do updates / patches? Yes! If there is a particular file that is not working correctly, please bring it to my attention, so I can fix it, and update it across the folder for everyone.

What if the folder sharing program changes / ends? If something happens to where you cannot access these files due to changes in Adobe’s structure, I will notify you beforehand through email. It is also a good idea to check this page regularly for updates and NEW brushes. Fresco will be around for a while, as they are always adding pretty big updates to the software, so these files should be fine for quite a while. I will update when Adobe updates for you the customer.

Why can’t I just download a file? These brushes were made with another Adobe app, Adobe Capture for Android. When the brushes are created, they can ONLY be saved into a Creative Cloud folder and shared amongst users. There is no file type for these like there are for Photoshop brushes ( .ABR ). I will keep this folder open ALWAYS, and if there needs to be maintenance on Adobe’s part, they will contact us, and we will let you know via email. We will also post an update to our blog and on this page. Again, if you have ANY questions, please email.

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How Do I Add Brushes To Adobe Fresco?

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