PNW Weekly Edit Rules Page.

Hello, and welcome to Pacific Northwest Energy’s FREE, Weekly Photo Manipulation Contest, Rules Page! Bookmark this page, share with your friends and family, and check back often for updates.

Just remember to share the Voting Page with your supporters to get as many votes as you can. Good Luck!

Each week begining at 0000 on Sunday through 0000 Saturday you will have a chance at one of our weekly cash prizes by showcasing your photo manipulation talents with the hashtag #PNWweeklyedit on your creations.

WE… will not choose the winner each week. Your peers will πŸ™‚. At the end of each weekly voting cycle, we will collect all entries and post them on our Weekly Voting Page. From there people will have the chance to vote for your work. When the votes have been tallied at the end of each week the winners will be displayed on our Winners Page ( you will be able to see each entry’s vote count in real time on the Weekly Voting Page ). The winners will be notified by email or Instagram DM, and posted on the Winner’s Page. Each week’s winners will then be moved to our Winners Page, to make room for the current week’s voting.

The biggest rule is that you MUST use at least ONE of our Free Stock Photos. You may and are encouraged to use other photos with ours, but you must use at least one of ours! Mixing our photos with photos of your won, or from other sources is OK. You may submit one original, opened themed ( whatever you wish ) entry EVERY week ( previous winning people are OK, previous winning art is NOT OK ). You may re-submit something old, as long as it placed 11th or lower on a previous voting cycle. You will post YOUR creation WITH the Free Stock Photo that you used from our site when posting. This can be a side by side, top over bottom, or multiple pics per post. This shows us that you followed the rules, and used one of our photos πŸ™‚. This also shows others your final project in contrast to the Free Stock Photo that you chose. You must post on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Just use the hashtag #PNWweeklyedit

Open theme means exactly that. As long as you follow the rules, any creation is accepted. Fantasy, fan art, sports, logo creation, realistic, cartoony, etc… You may also use ANY photo editing software. Winners will be asked which they use so the information can be included on their winner’s bio. You do NOT have to include the information though πŸ™‚.

We will keep your submissions in our database, and use them for promotional / advertising material in the future. Your creations are NOT exclusive to us. You MAY use them however you wish, even commercially $$$. We encourage it actually. Again, if you have ANY questions please reach out to us.

ABSOLUTELY NO RACISM, DRUGS, ALCOHOL, SEXISM, GENDER / RELIGION BASHING OR ANY OTHER HATE!!! That is AUTOMATIC disqualification! Forever! Also no nudity please. We do NOT consider nudity bad, this just isn’t the place πŸ™‚ Everything has a place in art and storytelling.

If you have ANY questions about an entry or the rules, please message us and we can clarify it for you quickly πŸ™‚.

To get your votes, share, Share, SHARE! Make sure people see your work and know how to vote for you. We will share some entries as they flow through every week, so make sure your best work is out there.

The bigger this gets, the bigger the prizes get. Right now 1st place wins a 50 USD Digital Visa Gift Card, 2nd Place wins a 25 USD Digital Visa Gift Card, 3rd place wins a 15 USD Digital Visa Gift Card. ALL NON EXCHANGEABLE!!! Places 4 – 10 will receive honorable mentions.

Example Photo Manipulation

We used one of our stock photos to create our new website banner.

This is just one example. If you need ideas, more examples, or inspiration, check out these websites.

Wikipedia – What Is A Photograph Manipulation?

Adobe – Beginners Guide To Photo Manipulation.

The Photo Argus – 40 Masterful Examples Of Photo Manipulation.

The Rules… Again… With Bullet Points!

  • Open to ANYONE with an email address and / or one of the following social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.
  • Prizes are NON EXCHANGEABLE. They are in the form of Visa Digital Gift Cards for now.
  • No Nudity or Drug / Alcohol references please. We know this definitely has a place in modern art / storytelling. This just isn’t the forum.
  • You MUST use at least ONE of our Free Stock Photos. You may use more of course. You also MAY use images other than ours, as long as you use at least ONE of ours ( please do not violate other’s copyrights ).
  • You MUST use the hashtag #PNWweeklyedit or we will not be able to find your entry.
  • You must post on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram ONLY. As of right now, these are the only accounts we will monitor for our hashtag.
  • One entry per person per week. If we find more than one during that voting period, WE will choose which one to use.
  • You MAY enter EVERY week πŸ™‚
  • You may enter previously submitted pieces, if it placed lower than 11th place before. NO winning art may be re-submitted, but winning artists MAY participate every week
  • You may choose ANY theme, as long as it follows the rules. We will eventually have themed contests.
  • You may use ANY photo editing app / software. You do not have to disclose, although we will ask winners to ( still not required ).
  • You must place OUR photo alongside your finished creation to show us that you used one of our photos, and to show everyone your before and after.
  • We will keep your creations in our database for future promotional / advertising material. It is YOUR property, you are just giving US permission to use it, by participating.
  • Your creations are NOT exclusive to us. You may use them however you wish, especially commercially $$$. You may also definitely mention us when sharing your creations anytime.
  • Voting will begin after all submissions for the week have been gathered and put on our Voting Page.
  • Everyone will be able to see the vote count live. Winners will be announced after everything is checked out πŸ™‚
  • You will need to bypass a captcha on our Voting Page. Visitors that are there to vote will also have to bypass our captcha. This keeps the bots from voting πŸ€–. Believe us, you want that 😳.
  • The voting period is from Sunday 0000 to Saturday 0000 of each week. If you missed the cutoff for the current week, we will just move your creation up to the new week for voting. If you see that we missed your entry, just contact us and well make sure it gets up there.
  • Submissions must be a JPG, to keep file sizes down.

Again… If you have ANY questions, comments, or concerns, please message us, as we are quick to reply πŸ™‚

Also, check back often as things might change.

Remember!!! Just hashtag your best weekly photo manipulation with #PNWweeklyedit and we’ll take care of the rest πŸ™‚

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