Thank you KIRAKIRA+ for making my shithole shine!

Fuck cleaning! There’s an app for that. Well, at least there’s a fun app that gives the “illusion” of clean. Just in case you need to prove to Mom that you do indeed know how to clean up after yourself 😏

It’s not really my style, but the more I see the sparkle laced videos on Instagram and Tiktok, the more I become intrigued. I mean, it IS pretty shiny, and this app can almost make anything shine. Let’s look at a corner of my kitchen, shall we.

Cleaning My Kitchen With KIRAKIRA+

While this may be “gawdy” and “tacky” for most, I find it surprisingly appealing. And I am definitely going to be using it quite a bit for marketing, and yes… some video production.

The sparkles themselves are NOT professional grade ( layers upon layers of PSD files, polished like a knob ) imo. But it’s way better than a general overall filter that just puts sparkles here and there randomly. This actually has technology! It looks for sources of light and magnifies them into the sparkles, as you could see from the video where I panned the kitchen corner. That is way better than a generic overall filter, if you are actually looking for a sparkle video effect.

Making My Bong Sparkle

Overall I would say that it’s a good app for this type of stuff. You can find it for sure in the Google Play Store. Happy Sparkling 😉

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