Still getting stuff done with the Google Pixel one, and Adobe.

That’s right, the first generation Google Pixel that promised, and delivered the best phone camera experience almost 5 years ago, is still giving me my money’s worth, as a wifi Adobe smart brick.

The external speakers do NOT work anymore, there are no more updates available, and I have dubbed it “Codename: Jalopy”. Despite these setbacks, it still serves a purpose in the digital creative world.

There are not many apps left that can update/download in this old phone’s version of the Google Play store. That really doesn’t leave me with a lot, unless I was lucky enough to have these apps already installed on this awesome device. The main apps I’m talking about are my Adobe apps. Even with the ones that I have installed, some of them do not work fully, pending updates that will never come to fruition. Still… I am NOT thwarted! The original Google Pixel is my absolute favorite phone so far. I know that’s a bold statement ( as I type this from my Galaxy S10 😏 ), but it lived up to it’s hype, and then some for me. We have a Google Pixel 1, 3, and 5 ( Wife’s, I can’t touch ) in our home. The first two are just wifi devices, but are still used extensively as Adobe super devices.

Why? I love to… try to multitask. And with a plethora of Adobe apps, it’s hard not to! While my main phone (aforementioned S10 ) is usually running a couple of Adobe apps, and my laptop is doing the same, plus a browser open, I have my Pixel 1 loaded with Adobe Capture. I freaking LOVE this app. You can create vector shapes, pattern designs, color palettes, brushes for other Adobe apps, and more. It’s like a creator’s swiss army knife. If your not familiar with it, I highly recommend it. You can download it for Free in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store.

From my experience so far, Capture is an app that still works perfectly with the “OG” Pixel. It also uploads all of my creations into the Adobe Creative Cloud for me ( Thank God ). Aaaaand… Let’s not forget the whole debacle surrounding storage on your Google Photos app with the original Pixel either. Read Google’s account of this on their website.

The Adobe Creative Cloud app still works well also. I love this app because it hosts a range of technical functions aside from it just being cloud storage for your Adobe projects. My favorite is the background remover. It works quite well, and is packed right in there with an image resizer, convert to PNG, and a couple of other useful functions. Below are actual screenshots from my daily use original Pixel.

And then, there’s the camera. This camera is still Waaaaayyyyy better than my Galaxy S10’s Camera. The camera on the Galaxy is horrible imo… The earth needs to hold completely still, and there should be no less than three full suns out for lighting, to ensure a decent photo. Sorry Samsung, just speaking the truth ( minus the video recording ). I still use the Pixel quite often for stock photography, and stock 4k video recording, and I will until it does not power up for me. This phone has been a true gem, and has helped me with many creative tasks. Thank you Team Pixel 🙂

Thus concludes my quasi review of an almost five year old phone. I hope your “OG” Pixel has served you as well as mine has me. It really will be hard to hold back some kind of emotion when it does not power back on one last time, for I have used this phone exhaustively since purchasing it. Here’s to at least a few more months of good use 🥂

Please share, comment, and pressure Adobe to release Fresco on Android. It’s an Incredible app!!!


Aaaaand… I do love Adobe products if you can’t tell. I live in the great, beautiful city of Seattle, and sometimes find myself walking or bussing by their HQ in Fremont WA. It’s actually a very quaint area, right on the waterfront of Lake Union. I just have one gripe y’all! Release Adobe Fresco on Android… Please.

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