Need A Burp Sound? How About A Train Whistle Sound? Free Studio Quality WAV Sound Effects For Any Project.

Hello! Yes, this is another promotional post from Pacific Northwest Energy. We are scrounging our advertising pennies as much as the next small blog, so we are using the power of Blogpros to help promote our posts. This has made life much easier for this noob blogger. Right now we are getting the word out there that this will be the place to come to for free digital assets. This post features our FREE Studio Quality WAV Sound Effects Page. These professional quality audio clips are not only free, but also Royalty Free. This means you can use them commercially ( in projects that will make you money ), without paying for ANY license. Sah-Weeet!!!

Male Burp Sound Effect

Most of these sound effect are LIVE audio samples, meaning they are recorded from actual events, and some are digitized ( made with a synthesizer, or computer software ). After recording, the files are ran through a Digital Audio Workstation ( DAW ) to clean up any unwanted noises… hisses, pops, static. That makes these files excellent to use with your professional projects.

We will be offering a FULL catalog of FREE web assets eventually, along with Premium Content ( coming later ). I want to focus on getting out as much free content as I can first. This is for ALL of you content creators out there who need FREE assets. This includes YouTube creators, music producers, musicians, game developers, bloggers, web developers, tattoo artists, graphic designers, and anyone else who just needs some graphics, stock photos, and sound effects for ANY reason, without paying for them individually, through a membership, or signing up for email. This first round of stuff will be absolutely free. Also, if you have requests for graphics, photos, or sound effects, please send me an email. We can do pretty much anything, but some stuff may require a fee. Donations are also always accepted.

Train Whistle Toy Sound Effect

So why am I offering all of the stuff for free anyway? Because these assets are for you, the creator. Sometimes you just need one little thing to complete an awesome project, it would be nice to have it for free wouldn’t it? Of course I’m trying to get paid for these efforts, but I would like to do it subtly on these pages. Meaning… I only have adsense and wordads connected to these pages for now, as well as some of our own merchandise that we have links to. So of course, more eyeballs on these pages do mean a little bit more money for us, without fuss to you. And hopefully, we are providing you with an outstanding value.

This blog will also have a bunch of cool how-to’s, and other cool stuff I can throw your way. So please share this with anyone who wants free graphics, photos, or sound effects.

Talking Robot Sound Effect

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