Do Rock And Roll Dreams Really Come True?

I’m not sure if this has been done before, nor do I care to Google the question. I am going to post the lyrics to the next #1 Rock song… I just need someone with ACTUAL Musical Talent to make these Tasty Lix Cry! A band, or solo artist. Someone who can put REAL music to my most excellent lyrics. First, I’ll give you a small glimpse of how Rock music over the decades helped shape this future Mega Hit.

Sometime in 1981, in a Rennerod Germany we apartment, down the stairs from a REAL, former Nazi soldier ( who refused to wear an eye patch over his scarred, blown out socket ) sat a 4 yo freckle face little boy of two, young, American G.I’s. We were not very popular people in those parts, during those times. I was scared to death of this former murderer, and now wonder how many times he plotted the American family’s death. We knew he was a Nazi after my father had to climb through the attic of our building one time, because he couldn’t find the house keyes. He must have broken into the wrong part, as he stumbled upon a chest with different Nazi markings on it. So of course the nosey American G.I. looks inside… Duh! Remember y’all, I’m getting you into the spirit of a future contender for the RnR HOF. I’m not making this shit up. A little off track but…  My whole life, Rock and Roll Music has been playing in the background. Either physically, or always a song and tune stuck where these things get stuck in that awesome part of your brain. Anyway, back to that freckle face 4 yo.

There he is, sitting in a wicker papasan chair, with massive, Pioneer studio quality headphones encasing his ears, and half of his head, watching his father put the needle down onto the record at the exact perfect spot before the song starts. This is a lost art. Even only at 43 I sadly know this. AC/DC Hells Bells comes screaming through my head at whatever high volume my father had it set at. Even though my eyes rattled, and I probably lost an octave or two of hearing instantly, I KNEW right away, that this is how I had to listen to music with headphones on. We’ll talk about the more serious issue of hearing loss in another post 😉 for now… onward.

From there I have always loved my Rock And Roll in ALL of it’s glorious, alternative forms ;). This is NOT to say that I do not like other types of music, because ALL music is beautiful to me. When I wrote this song, I was a 21 yo freckle face kid, in the U.S. Air Force ( Love ya Johnny Cash ), stationed in Omaha Nebraska at Offutt AFB. I was in a Whiskey Shack ( think old-school, people operated toll booths ), bored out of my mind. We weren’t allowed to have pens and paper so I had to remember the song by heart. I wrote it that day in my head, and I have NEVER attempted anything like that again. That’s another reason it was meant to be. Rock inspiration baby!

Since my first real memory of Rock and Roll, I have loved so much of it. I’m definitely not going to sit here and say who is better than who IMO, because honestly MO doesn’t mean shit there. I like who I like. Pink Floyd, Metallica, Prince, Fleetwood Mac, Tool, Neil Young, Lenny Kravitz, The Eagles, Dr. Hook And The Medicine Show, Jimmy Hendrix… There is such a fine list of Rockers out there, this isn’t a post to tell you who to like anyway. I’ll beat your brain down with that another day. 

This post is exactly what I said it was in the first paragraph. I am going to post the lyrics I wrote to one whole song in my lifetime. I have thought about different ways to try to make money from this song because… I think it’s a good song, otherwise I wouldn’t do this. So, with all of the ways to advertise, submit songs to companies ( meh ), or other ways I know nothing about, I figured this would be the best way. The rules are as follows: “I only command 50% of the going rate for such phallacies, since I am a noob, and a one hit wonder, and will never prolly do this shit again. Please refer to the chart below. If it is outdated, Google the information yourself. Give ME the credit. Make it Awesome” Those are the only conditions.

You can afford 50% of 9.1¢, Rock Star!

Ok then, and without further ado… My / Your Next #1 Rock Song Baby! Woooooo 🤟🤟🤟

Come with me my friend

I don’t know what we will find
Maybe the end
Maybe heaven

Could be hell

Nobody knows
But I hope you can tell
Tell me what I need to know

Show me what I need to see
Help me find my way
Through this lonely journey

Through the soul of the beast
We will make our way
But that path we follow
Will end one day
No more pain

No more tears
Only darkness

With unknown fears
All your life

You searched to find
You took what’s yours

And tried for mine
But in the end
You will see
What was meant
For you and me
Now sit still and hold your breath
Because all you found was a lonely death

Joshua Lee Gilbert, Omaha NE 1998.. ish

Damnnnnm!!!!! Told Ya! So, there we have it. One number one hit ready for your ideas to grad a hold of. And if the likes of Snoop or Dre would like to take this awesomeness on, then Hell Yeah!

So now it’s up to you. Especially any aspiring musicians who might need some words. Make some music and a lot of money for both of us 🙂

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